Wednesday, July 21, 2010


dadu's first room on the 1st floor of our house


his 2nd room, after the marriage of his eldest son; 1st floor

part of the room. There were partitions which have now been taken off.

the room he spent the latter years of his life in; 2nd floor(new)

3rd; view of his cupboard

cupboards of both my paternal grandparents

These are the rooms of my grandfather, each of which is resided by his sons, at present. He gave up the first two for his eldest and youngest son to settle down, with their respective wives. 
The last room was where he spent his golden years in. The floor was a gift to my parents on their wedding, and also officially it belongs to the President of Dakshinee Committee which, at that time was his post. This part of my project does not showcase Suvo as a pioneer, but as a father. 

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