Thursday, July 15, 2010

the FORM, part 1

I got highly confused today, and panicked quite a bit. I also made a new word; VIDEA, for Video Idea's. My review panel and I have spoken of using valuable possessions of my grandfather to build an image of his. I found a few things, amongst many more, I'm sure and so was left slightly bewildered in terms using them productively.

|Vide(a) Art. Video Performance Art| the form I am looking at right now, besides making it a documentary.

How do you enhance the quality of an object in a 'film'? Could it do without camera movements/angles/lights/sound? Could the object sustain it's importance and value without any physical aid?

Faculty TALKS

I spoke to Dr. Koshy, Evan Hastings and Manjushree Abhinav regarding this topic.

All three listed out some things to watch; 
Koshy and I spoke of the significance of such an idea, and also the repercussions, in terms of NOT making a stop-motion instead. It seems like a difficult terrain, but not impossible. "Breaking a cardinal movie rule", he said.
He gave me the names of Chrisine (Stephen King), Koyaanisqatsi, and Pradjanov to look into.

Koshy mentioned about this video I had spontaneously made one morning. He asked me to extend the idea.

Evan and I spoke of how to introduce theatre and drama in a film using objects, whilst not endangering the sole importance of the object. He gave me some readings, and also brought forth two new words that could play a huge part in my project, namely, 'autoethnography', and 'ethnodrama' .He also suggested I look up, his friend's website. 

Manjushree told me to watch a film she had made on her grandfather, 

Some VIDEO-IDEA'S ('VIDEA') I've been looking at

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