Thursday, July 22, 2010

Scripting (in progress)

At an age when the only thing important or worth striving to live was to get a good percentage in the annual report card, I was confronted with a situation that was meant to have changed my life entirely, including my own aspirations. 
(Image/s of me and dadu to be shown here, alongside a performance that happens) OR ( me in front of a projection of dadu's face?)

[2 different voices. male and female.]
Janato, tomar jethu-r pore aar keu nei poribaare je principal hote paare. Chheleder moddhe tumi ekmaatro accho, je rabindrasangeet-e jaano ebong shekho.... [ You know, after your uncle there is no one else who can become principal from our family. Amongst the menfolk, the only person who is still inclined to rabindrasangeet is you because you're the only child learning it..]
Eta amader poribaarer ekta boro kotha. In fact, you should do it. [ This is a big deal for our family. In fact...]
Ektu shomoy niye bhebo. Tomake shob shekhano hobe, everything. Tumi hole, etai bhalo je. Dadu eirom niyom kore gyachhen. Koro kintu Karno/bhaiya. [ Take some time to think about it. You will be taught everything regarding the duties of a principal. It will be good, if you take the post. Your grandfather has made this sort of a system. Please do it then, Karno/little one ]
Was this the connection that I shared with my grandfather, and of his lineage? 
Was I the fish eagerly awaiting the bait and eventually Death, and yet live.

This is me remembering 'dadu'.

Starting can also be of Uia(MY FATHER) coming in to play the harmonium. The song that he sings will be one that Dadu also sings. 
Merging uia's voice to that of Dadu's. 
Based on dadu's audio, I will find poems of tagore that will be the words for voice-over. poems shall reflect dadu's life. 

Interviewees : 
Jethu, Ashish dadu, Uia.


g said...

i think the V.O. scores over the other option...maybe the visual could be your baba playing the song...once the dialogue finishes..or somewhere in between, you bring in the audio..but it must be faint..

Onrak GT said...

I don't think having my dad in the video add much. because then i'd have to find the link to my father and this, which isn't the point to my project.