Friday, July 16, 2010

the FORM, part 2

My grandfather insisted his students read Tagore's lyrics first ( 4 times, to be accurate ), and then learn the music, as that would be the only to understand the depth the great poet's creations. 
Since I want to add a theatrical intervention to my project, I will do so as well. It will help me in forming a script for the final outcome too. 

Futuristic THOUGHTS

Each will speak of different aspects of my grandfather and of their personal relation/acquaintance.

PERFORMANCE > BACKDROP : Projection of images and photographs
                             FOREGROUND : Performance that compliments the words of the interviewees. These shall bridge the gaps between each person interviewed. 

                 > ILLUSTRATION
                 > PAINTING 

songs/audio clips
Tagore's poetry/prose/theatrical creations

" a SCRIPT needs to be made ", which would bear 'Dadu's songs and life-story and Tagore's work. 


elf_asura said...

Which lyrics? Post an example with translation? Also some ideas of how lyrics, melody can translate possibly into some performative aspect?

Onrak GT said...

Sure avy, I will be doing so.
I'm just looking for the perfect songs.